Introduction to Pilog

In this series, we will introduce Pilog, a declarative language which is built on top of PicoLisp. It has the semantics of Prolog, but uses the syntax of Lisp.

Articles in this series

Logical Programming in PicoLisp: Learning Pilog!

Nov 1, 20214 min read

Welcome to the "Programming in Pilog" series! I guess it's quite likely that you have never heard of Pilog before. Short definition: By using Pilog, we can do logical programming within PicoLisp. In this post, we will explain what logical programmin...

Logical Programming in PicoLisp: Learning Pilog!
Learning Pilog - 1: A Short Introduction to Prolog
Learning Pilog - 2: Facts, Rules, Queries
Learning Pilog -3: Unification and Proof Search
Learning Pilog - 4: Recursion
Learning Pilog - 5: Lists